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Germinated Plant
Environmental, Social, Governance
At Petrodia Engineering International Pvt Ltd., we are committed to ensuring that our operating philosophy has environment, safety, and sustainable practices at its core. We recognize the importance of preserving mother nature for future generations and strive to be a responsible and conscientious corporate citizen.

All our service offerings are instilled to preserve mother nature and her inhabitants as we are as an organisation believe in our individual responsibility in being accountable for preserving mother nature and reducing our carbon footprint. 

As a "Knowledge Company" we collectively educate and try to instill ESG foundations in our client's day to day operations and as well as project specific operations. 

Our core service offerings are focused on process safety and safety culture which drills down to prevention and taking preventive actions of any incidents occurring which will harm nature and her inhabitants. 
Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD)
"Most companies, investors and
lenders today inadequately
account for nature-related risks and
opportunities in their decisions."

Getting Started on your Nature Journey

Recent decades have seen an unparalleled increase in the pressure placed on the planet's natural environment, prompting concerns about the future health and prosperity of humanity. We have jeopardised the very future of the planet due to the extreme degree of change. This concerning and unusual trend has the potential to undermine the ability of individuals, communities, enterprises, and economies to prosper throughout the globalised economy. 

Businesses in various industries are impacted by the loss of biodiversity. In addition to relying on nature and biodiversity directly for their operations and services, the majority of businesses also indirectly rely on nature through their supply chains.
Action of safety office is writing on checklist paper during safety audit and risk verific

Process Safety

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Environment Impact Assessment 

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Carbon Accounting

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Actionable Insights

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