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Environmental Impact Analysis

Major industrial projects and infrastructure developments require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The key challenge is to be transparent in communicating predicted impacts.

Petrodia's environmental impact assessments provide an objective basis for decision-making and are relevant for offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration, development, production, decommissioning and infrastructure projects.

Our procedure is based on World Leading Practices and Standards, and each EIA we undertake is designed to meet national and regional regulatory requirements and company standards.

Our multidisciplinary, integrated approach can identify, predict and evaluate potential impacts, suggest sound environmental solutions and adequate mitigation measures, and provide a high quality basis for major decisions and smooth authority approval.

Our expert Certified Environmental Impact Assessment Manager (CEIA) will ill walk you through every major aspect of EIA from impact identification to public involvement, environmental prediction, monitoring and quality control. And develop mitigation strategies and frameworks to minimise Enviormental Impact for your projects. 

Petrodia's Powered Enterprise Suite of Tools provides real time monitoring of environmental impact during project pre commissioning phase, commissioning phase, run phase and completion phase.
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