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Carbon Accounting

Access to accurate, granular GHG emissions data is essential for organizations looking to identify where to focus emissions reduction efforts, develop a strategy and track the impact of emissions reduction initiatives.

Organizations often follow an emissions reduction journey that aims to improve efficiency, introduce renewables and purchase offsets to achieve their net zero targets.

Carbon accounting informs the “E” in environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting, which has surged in prominence amid a growing realization among investors and financial institutions that sustainability risk is investment risk

ESG reporting frameworks require quantitative or qualitative information to be provided to receive a score or other peer-comparison benchmark. This information is primarily used by investors, shareholders and boards.

Our certified expert consultants will create a framework for building and maintiain high standards of data quality, define and capture data from various sources so data is no longer in silos. 

Our expertise and framework will reduce the time to capture data, manage data and reduce the effort significantly for reporting and analysis
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