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Front Line Barrier Management

Competency Assessment of Crew and Personal during emergencies in OffShore Platform


Case Study

The Problem

Is the front line crew capable of managing, supervising and managing safety critical tasks?

Is the crew competent enough to form barrier to prevent any major accident?

Shell must have a system that includes the setting of appropriate competence standards, assessment and reassessment, which Shell was lagging.

There must be a specific link between Safety Critical Tasks, roles and responsibilities and a targeted comprehensive management system

Our Solutions

Inspection of the platform, helideck, living quarters, process area, well heads and emergency escape routes, identifying Safety Critical Tasks and Safety Critical Instruments.

Setting up of competence standards, assessment structure and integrating this into the management structure of the organisation

Experienced engineers who are SQA Certified 9Di Competency Assessors (NVQ Level 4, UK), creating assessment, competency standards

These engineers are conducting assessments of front line crew to asses their skills and knowledge to identify any gaps thus to ensure safety critical roles and task can be carried out effectively

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