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HAZOP s a systematic approach to determining potential problems that may be uncovered by reviewing the safety of designs and revisiting existing processes and operations in Oil & Gas and Process Industries

HAZOP will identify and help industries address

Potential hazards in business operation;
Past incidents that had likelihood for catastrophic consequences;
Human-controlled factors; and
Consequences of failure of applied control measures including the range of the possible health and safety risks

Benefits of HAZOP studies are

Proactively catch hazards and help formulate risk mitigation early on during the planning or design stage of projects;

Realize risks during modification of current processes and see how deviations may occur from the design intent;

Investigate how the plant or systems deviate from business goals that create a risk to personnel and operation

Our Process Safety Consultants have been providing HAZOP services and solutions to various Oil & Gas and Process Industries over a decade helping businesses reduce risks and mitigate potential hazards to ensure smooth effective operations whilst ensuring no revenue impact and no impact on the environment

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