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PHSER Study, RFSU and Completion Assurance in Carin's Onshore Assets

Conducting PHSER analysis, implementing the findings.
RFSU and Completion Assurance


Case Study

The Problem

Carin Energy has constructed Compressor stations at RaageshwariGas Terminal (RGT) and Viramgram Terminal (VGT) to increase their production to 25MMCFD, but has it been constructed as per specifications and standards?

Are the compressors at RGT and VGT ready for start up? 

Will there be any teething issues?

Our Solutions

Site visit, process analysis, study and evaluation. Equipment analysis, installation (Commissioning) review.

Experts from Petrodia conducted Completion Assurance Study.

The study reviewed and highlighted any gaps in the commissioning and construction process which deviated from the international set standards. The study also flagged any potential hazard and operating issues associated with the compressors which may hamper production and personal.

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