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Inspection and Maintenance of Ex Devices

Hazardous Area Classification, identification of Safety Critical Instruments (SCE) and Carried out inspection and maintenance of Ex Devices and Safety Critical Instruments in Shell's Offshore Platforms and Satellite Platforms


Case Study

The Problem

Classifying what are the hazardous zones?

What are the types of instruments to be used in zone specific hazardous locations?

Verification of  the equipment used explosion are proof/ intrinsically safe? i.e EEx (e), Eex(d), etc

Operational Safety Breach

Our Solutions

Conducting detailed study of the process and platform, and studying the parameters, piping, instruments, equipment

Identifying and verification of Hazardous Area Classification in compliance to API RP 505

Inspecting the of  type of explosion and flame proof equipment [EEx (e), EEx (d), EEx (i), Eex (n)] used in Hazardous Area Zones.

Verification of appropriate explosion and flame proof  instruments used in the correct Hazardous Zones

Inspection of the flame and explosion proof instruments and carrying out routine maintenance activities to ensure instruments remain flame and explosion proof

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